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The new NFT project we are pursuing is through the development of an NFT license market where all NFT licenses can be used to generate revenue from use rights, NFT can be multi-segmented to trade ownership shares for use rights revenue, and the NFT portal By linking various Dapps within the system to allow creators to own, use, and profit from NFT, we want to break free from the limitations of the existing NFT business model and pioneer a new NFT market.


Provides all NFT services such as NFT division, license sale, Dapp linkage, search, and news through a new concept NFT portal site service linked with trust company(the third party), foundations (Wallet, Token), and Dapp business companies.


In the Mintway portal, you can search all information related to NFT, find the NFT and market you want and go directly to the market, and provide a service that allows you to share and discuss NFT information in various communities and in connection with the world's leading media. It is the key to securing users by providing.